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Globe Valves

501T: Top Guided Single Seat Globe Valves
551T: Top Guided Single Seat Globe Valves/JIS10K and ANSI class 150 only
520T: Small Plug Single Seat Globe Valves

501T/551TKOSO top-guided control valves are compact and simple structured. They are usable in a broad scope of applications, including all cavitation-free liquid services as well as steam and gas services that meet noise regulations.

Aiming at quick delivery and low prices, 551T is limited to JIS 10K, ANSI(JPI)150 lbs. with no optional features. 520T covers minimum flow applications, with its small plug specially designed not to break off.

Body type 501T: Globe type 551T: Globe type 520T: Globe type
511T: Angle type
Body size 1/2"(15A) to 8"(200A) 3/4"(20A) to 3"(80A) 1/2"(15A) to 1"(25A)
Plug size 1/8"(6A) to 8"(200A) 1/4"(8A) to 3"(80A) 1/64"(1A) to 1/16"(3A)
Body rating ANSI Class 150 to 1500, JIS 10K to 63K ANSI Class 150, JIS 10K ANSI Class 150 to 600, JIS 10K to 40K
Fluid temperature -196 to +538° -5 to +200° -45 to +538°
Connections Flanged (RF, RTJ), Butt Weld, Socket Weld.
Body materials SCPH2/WCB, SCPH21/WC6, SCPL1/LCB, SCS13A/CF8, SCS14A/CF8M, etc.
Trim materials SUS316, SUS316+Stellite, SUS316+TFE etc. SUS316+Stellite
Rangeability 50:1 to 30:1 6.8 to 8.8
Flow characteristics Linear, Eq%, On-Off Modified Eq% Needle flow
Leakage Metal seat Rated Cv × 0.01% ANSI Class VI
Soft seat Bubbletight ANSI Class VI
Actuator combination 5200LA: Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator
6300LA: Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
3500LB,3600LB: Solid State Electronic Actuator
3800LA: Microprocessor Actuator