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Ball Valves

301R: Acid Resistant Ball Valves

301RThis series provides acid resistant ball valves that have teflon or polyvinyliden fluoride wetted part. This model has excellent acid or corrosice fluid resistant. Outside of the wetted part is guarded by cast iron or stainless steel cover.

Body type 301R
Full bore size 1"(25A) to 2 1/2"(65A)
Reduced bore size 3" × 2 1/2 " to 4" × 3"
Body rating ANSI Class 150, JIS 10K
Fluid temperature -0 to +100°
Connections Wafer or Wafer Tapped
Body materials Polyvinyliden fluoride
Covered/FCD or SCS13A
Ball materials Polyvinyliden fluoride
Seal ring materials Pure Teflon
Seat Leakage Tight shut off
Actuator combination 6300RB, 6500RA, 7300RA: Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
3200RA, 3300RA, 3400RB: Electric Motor Actuator