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Butterfly Valves

710C: Concentric PARA-SEAL Valves' (PARA-SEAL C)

710C This PARA-SEAL valve is high performance butterfly valve of high durability, high seating performance.
It has several different seal ring constructions suitable to various service applications.

Body type 710C
Body size 3"(80A) to 60"(1500A)
Body rating ANSI Class 150 to 300, JIS 10K to 20K
Fluid temperature -196 to +600°
Connections Wafer type
Body materials SCPH2/WCB, SCS13A/CF8, SCS14A/CF8M etc.
Disc materials SCPH2/WCB, SCS13A/CF8, SCS14A/CF8M etc.
Disc treatment Chrome plated or Stellited
Rangeability 60° Opening/25:1
90° Opening/50:1
Flow characteristics Approximate Eq% (Inherent Characteristic)
Seal ring type M H
Seal ring materials SUS316 SUS316,630
Back ring materials -
Seat Leakage Rated Cv × 0.01 to 0.00001%
Actuator combination 6300RB, 6400RB, 6500RA, 7300RA: Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
3500RB, 3600RB: Solid State Electronic Actuator
5200RA: Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator