Our Company

Our originality is
all for customers’ successes.

We provide original and high-quality technologies, products and services.
We wish to help customers realize desired successes
with all that our originality has created.
We wish to help create a better future for society with our own hands.
We believe that it is our responsibility.



1965 Nov.Starts business as control valve manufacturer
1966 Aug.Establishes Nihon KOSO Industry Co., Ltd.(Manufacturing division)
1971 Jun.Establishes Tokyo KOSO Co., Ltd.
1974 Nov.Acquires KHK(The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan)certification
1976 Mar.Establishes KOSO Engineering Co., Ltd. Dec.Establishes KOSO Service Co., Ltd.
1977 Feb.Establishes Nihon KOSO Co., Ltd.(Sales division)
1978 MayEstablishes KOSO International, Inc.〈U.S.A.〉
1979 Mar.Acquires A.P.I. certification MayEstablishes Korea Controls Co., Ltd.(as a joint enterprise)〈Korea〉 Sep.Starts technology transfer negotiation with China National Technology Import & Export Corp.
1980 Apr.Establishes KOSO Co., Ltd.
1982 Nov.Singns rep. agreement with Ronan Engeering Company of U.S.A. for sales to Janpnese market
Acquires interest in Souto Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
1984 MayIntroduces IBM factory automation system
1985 Feb.Signs agreement with I.M.I Baley Birkett Ltd. of U.K. for technology transfer Apr.Signs agreement with Anshan Instrument Co. of China for technology transfer
1986 Mar.Signs agreement with Control Components Inc. of U.S.A. for a mutual technology transfer MayDiagnosing Chinese business for technology renovation.(JAPAN-CHINA NATIONAL PROJECT)
1987 MayAcquires UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC. certification Dec.Signs agreement with Wuxi Instrument Valve Co., Ltd. of China for technology transfer
1988 Aug.Establishes Korea KOSO Engineering Co., Ltd.〈Korea〉
1989 MayEstablishes Wuxi KOSO Control valve Co., Ltd.(as a joint enterprise)〈China〉 Jun.Establishes KOSO-AACI (Anshan) Co., Ltd.(as a joint enterprise)〈China〉 Oct.Signs rep. agreement with Adalet-Plm of U.S.A. for sales to Japanese market
1990 Jan.Establishes Pacific Seismic Product, Inc.〈U.S.A.〉 MayEstablishes Toren Co., Ltd.
1991 Mar.Signs agreement with Tianjin No.4 Instrument Factory of China for technology transfer Apr.Signs rep. agreement with SOR Inc. of U.S.A. for sales to Japanese market JulyAcquires Herutu Electronics Co., Ltd.
1992 Mar.Acquires Toyo Steel Belt Ind. Co., Ltd. Apr.Signs rep. agreement with Drallim Controls Ltd. of U.K. for sales to Japanese market
1993 MayEstablishes KOSO Controls Asia Pte. Ltd.〈Singapore〉
Acquires the ownership of Korea Controls Co., Ltd.〈Korea〉
Establishes KOSO Control Engineering (Wuxi)Co., Ltd.〈China〉
Aug.Acquires Rexa Inc. of U.S.A. (Changes Rexa’s name to KOSO America, Inc.) Sep.Acquires Shinkosha Co., Ltd.
1994 Jun.Acquires ISO9001 certification
1995 Sep.Acquires Sigma Electric Works Co., Ltd
1996 Oct.Establishes KOSO Control Engineering Co., Ltd.〈China〉
2000 Jan.Acquires Tokyo Okazaki Industries Co., Ltd. JulyKorea Controls Co., Ltd. changes its Korean name to Korea KOSO Co., Ltd.
2001 Feb.Merges Nihon KOSO Co., Ltd.(Manufacturing division)with KOSO Service Co., Ltd. Jun.Establishes KOSO Fluid Controls Private Ltd.〈India〉
2002 Jan.Acquires Tensho Printing Co., Ltd. Feb.Establishes Hangzhou Hangyang KOSO Pump & Valve Co., Ltd. Mar.Establishes SP Laboratory Co., Ltd. Apr.Establishes Wuxi KOSO Valve casting Co., Ltd. JulyAcquires the assets of Hammel Dahl globe control valves line.
2005 Jun.TOREN Co., Ltd. Changes its name to Nihon KOSO Fuji Co., Ltd.
Acquires the assets of Kent Introl products line.
Establishes KOSO Kent Introl Ltd.〈U.K.〉
Establishes Kent Introl Private Ltd.〈India〉
2007 Jan.Establishes KOSO M-Mac International, Inc.〈U.S.A.〉 Jun.Establishes Wuxi KOSO Fluid Control Co., Ltd.〈China〉
2008 Oct.Establishes KOSO Control Engineering〈Anshan〉Co., Ltd.〈China〉
2009 Jan.Establishes the Dubai Branch of Nihon KOSO Co., Ltd. Feb.Korea KOSO Engineering Co., Ltd.〈Korea〉establishes a new plant. MayOpens Moscow Sales Office〈Russia〉
2010 Nov.Kent Introl Private Ltd., changes its corporate name into KOSO India Private Ltd.
2011 Feb.Acquires the Yoneki Valve business from TOKAI Corporation〈currently the Fuji Factory of Tokyo KOSO Co., Ltd.〉 JulyEstablishes KOSO Control Europe s.r.o.〈Czech〉 Dec.Establishes the second factory at KOSO Control Engineering〈Wuxi〉Co., Ltd.
Relocates Nihon KOSO’s Dubai Branch to its Abu Dhabi Branch
2012 Apr.Establishes Wuxi KOSO Valve Technology Service Co., Ltd.〈China〉 Dec.Acquires the ownership of KOSO Control Instrument〈Anshan〉Co., Ltd.
2013 Mar.Merges KOSO America and Rexa Inc. into one
2014 Jun.Expansion of KOSO America and Rexa Inc. into separate factories/businesses.
2015 Jan.Establishes Rexa Canada Corp.〈Canada〉 Mar.Wuxi KOSO Valve Casting Co., Ltd. starts operations of its new casting factory in China Aug.KOSO Control Engineering〈Wuxi〉Co., Ltd. relocates its office to a new one. Sep.Establishes KOSO Gulf LLC〈Oman〉 Oct.KOSO Control Instrument〈Anshan〉Co., Ltd. relocates its factory to a new one. Nov.KOSO America relocates its factory to a new one
2016 Apr.Establishes KOSO Saudi Arabia Company Branch〈Saudi Arabia〉 Nov.Establishes KOSO Italy S.r.l.〈Italy〉
2018 MayAcquires the control valve business of Parcol S.p.A., Milan, Italy Aug.Establishes KOSO Parcol S.r.l.〈Italy〉〈into which KOSO Italy S.r.l. is merged〉